respire breathwork ceremony

Bohemian Studios: January 21st 3:30-5:30

Breath is LIFE! It is the miraculous process by which we are allowed to be in this world, and the moment it stops is the moment we stop. It is also quite literally the bridge between conscious thought and subsequent responses that then take place in the body.

This is group ceremony in which Karuna and Reya will gently guide you though 2 hours of self exploration. The process will connect you deeply to your conscious breath, release known AND unknown stresses being held in your being, and activate your own internal healing mechanisms. All of this from is quite remarkable. To register go to Bohemian Studios

yoga private Class

Can you imagine a whole yoga class dedicated to your needs? This is perfect if you are new to yoga and want one on one attention, or if you have some yoga under your belt and want to deepen your knowledge and practice. In this private session we will address your specific body requirements exploring modifications, strengthening/lengthening, balancing and breathwork. 

personalized yoga sequence 

I create a yoga sequence that is specifically designed for your body. Asana that is entirely dedicated to your level of ability, areas of tension and/or weaknesses and health goals. It may include mantra, meditation, yoga philosophy, mythical stories. As you gain strength and flexibility I can adapt and update the sequence to continue challenging you. You get a personalized class and access to a video that you will have access to from anywhere.


food: preventative medicine

Food is medicine. When you recognize that what you choose to put in your body has direct and immediate effects on your health you will discover what it really means to be healthy. Challenge yourself to expand your view of what may be considered preventative medicine. In this group class we will discuss systemic inflammation, the role of dietary fat and cholesterol on your brain and the positive impact of both moving and being still…all as a means to a long, vibrant and ecstatic life!  

eating for chronic pain

Explore how the food you are eating and choices you are making on a daily basis contributes directly to your experience of chronic pain. We will dive deeply into meditation practices and stress management techniques that will disarm the pain alarm system in your sympathetic nervous system and allow your body to return to a place of calm. This is a group class where we will discuss specific anti-inflammatory nutrition information that will provide you with immediate tools to radically reduce suffering and help bring your system back into balance. Come with  an honest understanding of what the things choose that adds to your experience of suffering.  

eating for energy

A group class that encompasses the art of choosing food strategically and instituting daily rituals that will drastically increase your energy and vitality. We will discusses the difference between forcing change and inviting transformation, negative self talk and self motivation and rigid rules versus healthy boundaries. Come with the understanding of what you know zaps your energy. 

sugar blues

Blow your sugar-addicted mind! We will highlight the major effects that processed sugar has on body, mental and spiritual (what?) functioning. We will examine the many faces and homes of sugar and deconstruct the undercover names of artificial and cancer causing sweeteners. We will also explore how to kick the krack cravings to the curb and free ourselves from the most accepted, sold and addictive substance in our country.