initial consultation

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In our first session together we will discuss your health history, body perceptions and experience, the specific challenges you are seeking guidance for and your goals and expectations of working together. This session is dedicated to reaching a treatment agreement and we will discuss in detail how our sessions will proceed. 

SELF DEVOTION 10-session Package

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*Monthly payment plans are available

Ten sessions devoted entirely to the nourishment of your body, mind and spirit. This package is an act of devotion to your personal well being and continued evolution. It is a engage your willingness and curiosity. To commit to releasing habits that don't work for you and mobilizing rituals that do. 

Together we follow the guidance of your physical body, emotional patterning and energy systems to illuminate imbalances and create new pathways. Accessing the wisdom of ancient techniques and employing the brilliance of results based action we implement rituals and practices that will re-pattern your neurological grooves and re-write the story of what is possible. 


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A deeply intentional and integrative blend of bodywork, nutrition coaching & spiritual rituals that will support you in connecting to your most inner and powerful self. You are a an EMPOWERED being with an innate capacity to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You will leave this session feeling more connected to your spirit, more present and creatively ignited and more open and pain free in your body.

Available as a single session or in three-pack package. One session a month of re-working your body, nutrition, and bad habits. We will dig deep into the patterns that are keeping you stuck and create a manageable, but results oriented plan to help you begin to shift those bad habits into empowering rituals. 

Please be sure to arrive hydrated and willing to deeply connect to your physical body.

1:1 breathwork

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For one hour, I am your personal guide dedicated solely to assisting you in the process of tapping into your breath, letting go of pain and accessing your body's natural healing capacity. We will begin the session with hands on expansion of the rib cage and diaphragm to maximize your breath capacity, followed by a specific breathing technique that allows you to reach a deeply healing altered state of consciousness. This is a one on one experience filled with music and my guidance. It will leave you feeling peaceful, empowered and connected.

Click here to learn more about breathwork, what to expect, contraindications, and instructions.


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A re-working and ironing out of muscle, fascial and nervous system tension. Sessions may include a combination of postural evaluation, muscle testing, neuromuscular integration, structural integration, deep tissue and cupping techniques.

Commit to gifting yourself with rejuvenation once a month. This is a beautiful way to lighten the stress of daily life and live pain-free with clarity and ease. 


Click here to book a 60 min coaching session $100  
Click here to book a 90 min coaching session $150
Nutrition Coaching 6 sessions $780

Together we establish a ritual of eating whole, nutrient dense foods that are truly medicine for YOUR body, power for YOUR brain and nourishing for YOUR soul. You will find your personal super power foods, explore possible food sensitivities or allergies and gain knowledge and tip on meal planning and preparation. 

 1:1 Yoga

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Can you imagine a whole yoga class designed entirely for your body? This is perfect if you are new to yoga and want one on one attention, or if you have some yoga under your belt and want to deepen your knowledge and practice. In this private session we will address your specific body requirements exploring modifications, strengthening/lengthening, balancing, and breathwork.