Change is hard. It's uncomfortable and sometimes excruciatingly painful. It's also an absolute requirement if you are a person devoted to personal evolution. It asks you to show up fully for yourSelf and your own life. It calls you forth to summon the courage to wiggle and squirm out of a skin that doesn't fit anymore. In return, it offers the opportunity to reinvent yourself and imagine a new way of being. This is true if the change is a major life event, but it's also true of even the smaller things. Like getting rid of habits that simply do not work for you anymore.

I teach people how to consciously shift their patterns slowly, with small but powerful changes. I guide them to fully participate in the process with their body, awareness, intuition and freedom of choice all along the way. Eventually, all of the small changes add up and one day they look back over the last 3 months or even 3 years and think, "Wow! I used to live like that?". This idea has been a cornerstone of my nutrition philosophy both in my practice and in my personal life. I believe in it. With this approach, your personal wisdom is revealed.  Structured diets take the FEELING right out of eating and most people find themselves following a plan that does not serve them in the long term. It's a beautiful moment when you realize that your nourishing rituals have become so integrated into your being that it's only in looking back that you realize how far you have truly come. It is a powerful and almost magical occurrence that does happen. It works.

So why have I started a diet? 

I've started a full-fledged, structured, book following diet. I haven't done this in more years than I can count. I've even been known to say that I don't believe in them. As though their existence is subjective, like that of dragons or forest fairies (both of which are real, of course). So why am I abandoning my own philosophy and participating in something I often warn my clients against? What is up with my sudden desire to dissolve the foundation of my habitual landscape in this way? Isn't it a bit hypocritical? Maybe. 

All I can say is that I am feeling the call to shake the tree of my daily routines straight from the roots. To shake it up so fiercely that the dead leaves have no choice but to give in, release their grip, and compost themselves into new life. Sometimes creating change asks you to take a look at each habit one by one. Gently moving forward with strategy and steadfastness. And sometimes it flat out demands that you warrior up, uproot all the weeds in the garden all at once, turn the soil over and start again. 

The questions that have been coming up during my tilling are important.

  • Are my choices serving me? 
  • HOW are they serving me? Are they in the interest of my highest good or are they   supporting an old belief system that doesn't apply to who I am any longer?
  • What are the stories that I tell myself around why I am resisting releasing them? 
  • Who am I making those choices for? Is it really me?

No matter your strategy to cultivating rituals that nourish your soul as much as your body, the magic lies in the willingness to open your eyes to the parts of yourself that you would rather keep buried deep in the earth. The courage to SEE your shadows, listen to the stories you've been telling yourself, and be accountable for all the brilliant ways you have found to burrow away from your potential. It calls for no hiding. Anything else bypasses the core of true change. 

So, off I go on a diet journey of the next level self love. One that challenges my belief system and calls me forth to use my rebellious nature wisely, offer my surrendering heart fully and direct my unconditional love inward. Towards the shadows that I have allowed to lurk in the undermost layers of my earth. Most of all it is asking me to sink even more deeply into mySelf with my eyes wide open. 

If you'd like to join me on this incredible ride you can schedule here.

With love and devotion,