Our body's expression of health is the accumulation and result of patterns we have cultivated over time. Oftentimes our patterns are decades old and rooted in our identity of self.

Patterns, in and of themselves, are essential components in the art of being human. They provide reliable and predictable results that ensure a known outcome and historically has helped keep us alive, fed and safe.

However, unhealthy patterns—bad habits— may result in disease, stagnation, and dysfunction. They tend to show up and conquer when our conscious choice is neglected and we become too comfortable with relinquishing our power to choosing our destiny.

Habits are unconscious, repetitive actions that are taken regardless of the benefit (or harm) of the outcome. Smoking is a habit. Sleeping late is a habit. Not eating your greens is a habit. Staying in toxic relationships, jobs, situations—all habits.

Rituals, however, harness your power and empower you into motion of co-creation of a thriving existence. Rituals are conscious, heart-connected, and chosen patterns made with the intention of nourishing your very essence.

Drinking lemon water upon awakening every morning is a ritual. Scraping your tongue every morning is a ritual. Meditating, journaling, practicing gratitude, thinking positively—all ritualistic. 

In our sessions together we establish nourishing rituals that will transform your health.

Creating sustainable rituals = game changer.