Making healthy lifestyle choices is challenging.

One of the biggest obstacles we face in making changes to our lifestyle is the sheer magnitude of complicated and contradictory information that is floating around the health community.

Should I be a vegetarian or go no carb? What is a carb, anyway? Should I do interval training or yoga? Is animal fat the culprit, or is it sugar that's dragging me down? What's a calorie and are they all the same? What’s soluble and insoluble fiber and how can I incorporate it into my meals? Is eating organic really worth the cost and effort?

It’s easy to get lost in the information abyss, and a daunting task to tackle it on your own with little guidance to make sense out of it all.

That's where I come in.

In our work together we take you back to basics. We explore recipes, and create meal plans, and discover what it means to eat whole, real food that makes you feel good. We learn empowering ways to move your body that is sustainable and brings you joy. Above ALL, we'll learn to listen to the greatest personal health expert there is… your body!

We make small, but uber-powerful changes in your mindset and daily routine that allows for your health wealth to emerge… and stay. And I don’t mean just physical health. I mean a wealth of emotional, mental and spiritual health… I’m talking about your entire being.